Our wedding services come in a variety of pre-arranged packages, but upon request we can also make special arrangements to have a package customized to suit your requirements.Our packages include a pre-wedding photo session,dressing of the bride,wedding ceremony,photo session following ceremony and reception. Dressing of the groom is also available with selective packages.


At REFLECTIONS we offer a variety of services that caters to your everyday needs,we provide services for weddings,corporate events,graduations,family portraits and maternity , just to name a few.
Should you require a specific photography service not listed above feel free to contact our office or kindly  fill out our "contact us" form, we will gladly honor your request.

Special events

Occasions such as family portraits,maternity or just portrait photography is readily available, and can be done either in the comfort of your own home, as we can bring the studio to you, or can also be done at a location of your choice at  one of the many scenic locations on the island.Packages are available for above services or can also be done via "shoot first select after  method".

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